The Age Friendly Museums Network believes museums and older people enrich each other and that ageing is something everyone in the world shares from birth.

We aim to develop innovative and collaborative opportunities by bringing people together. As well as museum, gallery and arts professionals, the Network includes those from health and social care, voluntary sector, research professionals and older people themselves.

The Age Friendly Museums Network offers free workshops and training, explores and shares good practice and encourages creativity and new initiatives. Committed to working in partnership, the Network seeks to support organisations and individuals to become leaders in their respective fields and to represent older voices and a positive experience of ageing.

The Age Friendly Museums Network aims to do the following:

  • encourage and support the museum sector to be more age friendly
  • connect the museum sector to other sectors in an attempt to support age friendly communities
  • advocate on behalf of museums as natural, local partners for the third sector, health and social care and charities which work with and for older people
  • explore how an ageing demographic could affect the museum sector
  • explore and critique how museums represent ageing

The network is simply a network of individuals connected by their interest in museums and the part they can play in age friendly communities.

The work of the network is led by a working group with representatives from the British Museum, Glasgow Life, National Museums Liverpool, National Museums Northern Ireland, National Museums Wales and Manchester Museum and the Whitworth.

The network was founded by the British Museum with funding from the Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation.

The network is very grateful to the Baring Foundation for funding its current activity.

Baring Foundation small

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lynn Strother says:

    I have just seen the AAA newsletter where you mention the Museum Day in October. I work with the Greater London Forum and Age UK London and would be very pleased to have more details about the day and how people can get involved as I was not able to find the information on your web site. I would be very happy to write a piece about the Museum Day for the Age UK London opinion and to send details to the 29 older peoples forums across London, our London networks and the local London Age UK’s. I look forward to hearing from you Lynn Strother

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