Leading the Network and getting things done.

As a student nurse many years ago I was told that managing was about getting things done. That has rang true with me throughout a varied career as I learned to be a better manager and a better leader. I love getting things done, seeing outcomes, achieving things.

Leadership is about understanding self, being aware of others, supporting yourself and each other to reach a goal. This was the focus of the Age Friendly Museums leadership sessions, the first of which was in October when 20 participants mainly from small and medium sized museums signed up to galvanize their leadership skills and go out to their local communities, develop the Network and get things done.

It’s amazing what range of skills we use when we work together. The participants formed groups based on their geographical area, and over the last few weeks have been planning and organising events which will help them to learn even more about working with older people, get to know more about their local community and the different cross-sector professionals who work there and most of all bring their own leadership styles to the fore.

So now we are establishing pockets of hubs, talented leaders from Leeds to Exeter who are spreading the word and making the Network more hands on and inspiring museums who are starting out on their age-friendly journey. Leadership with community development is a great combination, and our leaders are certainly getting a lot done.

In January we revisit expectations and look more closely at personal development. In February our National Conference will include feedback and presentations from our hub leaders, offering chance to perform on a national stage.

Come and see how they do.

Jane Turner, Age Friendly Museums Network

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